How the Fleur De Lis is Used in the Modern Times

Iron has been used mainly as a construction material due to its strength and malleability.

But aside from that, it has also been used as a decorative material. For many years, iron has been formed as dividers for homes that aim to have a Victorian theme. It has been used as iron grilles that give windows both a character and a measure for security. In many houses with large grassy lawns, you can see iron wrought furniture that invites everyone to sit on them and have a pleasant afternoon tea party.

Iron can also be used to form symbols and emblems. One of the most common is fleur de lis. It is French for “lily flower.” It is a stylized design that is shaped like an iris or a lily. In the old days, the design was used as a symbol, especially in heraldry. It was also political in nature, symbolizing the political and dynastic affinity of the French nobility. The fleur de lis has appeared on European coats of arms, flags, and tapestries. It has been widely accepted as the symbol of France although it imprinted in stamps was not recognized by French republics.

Because it was such a powerful symbol, the fleur de lis was used in areas that were previously settled by France including Quebec, Louisiana, and in other provinces in Canada.

Today, the fleur de lis is mostly decorative except with the Spanish monarchy and the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg where it is still treated as a political symbol. It has also been used by architects or designers, whether alone-as a fleur de lis wall d├ęcor, for example-or as a repeated motif in ironwork and book covers, especially if a French context is being implied.

The usage of the fleur de lis today stems from the desire, conscious or unconscious, to preserve the notion and the presence of heraldry in a modern and technological world that is so utterly different from that hundreds of years ago.

The fleur de lis is also used in the military. For example, the First World Canadian Expeditionary Force and the Israeli Intelligence Corps all use the symbol on their badges. It is also used as a symbol for sports teams such as the Quebec Nordiques National Hockey League, the New Orleans Saints football team, the Fiorentina soccer team, and the New Orleans Hornets basketball team.

Universities such as the Saint Louis University and Washington University in Missouri and the University of Louisiana in Lafayette also make use of the fleur de lis in their logos and coats of arms. Companies such as the Royal Elastics shoe company also incorporate it into their logo.

The fleur de lis can also be used not in a traditional sense. For example, the US Navy aerial acrobatic team the Blue Angels developed a superb looping flight formation named after the symbol. It was used as a memorial symbol after Hurricane Katrina swept over New Orleans.